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Ask the Suit: Big News for Your Beloved Trading Platform

April 28, 2015
ask nicole sherrod about thinkorswim trading platform

The question I get most often is some form of "What's coming next for thinkorswim®?"

Are you sitting down? Good, because I need to break it to you that it's time we gave thinkorswim a makeover…Okay, now breathe—and, exhale. You see, thinkorswim is now 14 years old. In technology years, that's the point of midlife crisis. She isn't looking as young as she used to, so it's time for a little nip and tuck. But it's important to know this is more than a Botox injection and new outfit—she's got a whole new lease on life. We're cleaning up the codebase and improving the stability of the platform at the same time we touch up the makeup.

Hey, I understand. Over the years, I've come to know what you want from the old girl. I know your likes, your dislikes, your passions, and your fears. You love new features and improved performance. You just don't want "shock and awe" change. I get that. But by re-skinning thinkorswim, we can provide an even better foundation going forward that will support future development so you can fall in love with her all over again. 

So what will you see? Easier on the eye colors. Crisper fonts. Improved iconography. "Moar" customizability. And don't worry, with the new "skin" all of your existing layouts will be migrated. None of your customized charts, grids, workspaces, will disappear. And we aren't changing the location of any of the controls or features you're used to. I know that you love our charts more than you love summer vacation, so we're hardly touching those. 

So when the upgrade notice comes, don't be afraid. This change is good. After the initial shock, you're going to love thinkorswim more than you ever have before. Promise.

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