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Does Where You Live Influence Your Portfolio? A New Quiz Reveals Results

September 4, 2017
State of Investing

Have you ever stopped to wonder if the state your investment portfolio calls home is the same state you call home? Unlikely. But our new “Find Your State of Investing” quiz helps you answer that very question. Plus, you may just gain some fun insights into how your personal preferences can impact your investment decisions.

TD Ameritrade took the top five stocks held by their clients in all 50 states to build a quiz that provides you with some unique insights into your investment portfolio. For example, the data reveals that investments are often regional—with many hometown companies occupying the top spots (because, after all, we tend to invest in what we know).

Take your best guess as to what state you think your portfolio might feel at home and then take the quiz to see what your answers reveal.

After clicking the “Take the quiz” button on the State of Investing homepage, you’ll be guided through a series of lighthearted questions that cover a wide range of topics.

  • On which side of the Mississippi River do you currently live: West or East?
  • Which museum exhibit would you rather visit: American History or Dinosaurs?
  • Would you rather spend your vacation: Snowboarding or Wakeboarding?

Your answers will unlock whether your portfolio would feel at home in Alaska with its petroleum-rich economy …

State of Investing Alaska

Florida with an economy largely dependent on tourism …

State of Investing Florida

… or some state in between. You’ll likely also gain a few insights about your portfolio’s home state. For example, did you know that Nevada accounts for nearly 9 percent of the world’s gold production?

Once you’ve completed the quiz, you can embark on a virtual road trip and explore a series of interactive maps that break down the data in three different ways:

  • Hover over a state to discover the top five owned stocks for the state
  • Select up to three states to compare their top five owned stocks
  • Search a specific stock to see in which states it lands in the top five

So What are You Waiting for?

Take the State of Investing quiz for yourself to see where your portfolio should call home. When you’re finished, share your results with your friends and family and invite them to join in the fun.

Specific security names above are provided for illustrative and educational use only and are not a recommendation or solicitation by TD Ameritrade to trade a specific security.

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