Trading Strategies: How To Trade Presidents

Everyone is talking about the elections, but the market doesn't care who’s in office. What should traders be looking at? Same thing they always have.

Covered Calls in the Fast Lane: Ladder Price, Volatility, and Time

Have you shunned the covered call, declaring it a dull convention of traditional investors? Laddering price, volatility, and time can bring life to an old jalopy.

Weekly Options: Stretch Them Out

Weekly options are exactly what you think. They move quickly and live for about a week. Curious about the what, why, and how of trading them? Read on ...

Trading Futures: Futures Scalper’s Guide to the Galaxy

Arbitrary entry and exit points in futures trading can be futile—get rid of the guesswork and place your trades using a price range based on volatility and probability.

Volatility and Holiday Season: Will Vol Show Up to Party?

Trading low volume, high volatility swings during the year-end holidays takes practice. Why not start with overnight markets?

Options in IRAs: The Final Word On What You Can Do

The long-awaited verdict from the Department of Labor is in, giving a green light for trading options in IRAs. Now what?

High Volatility Doesn't Mean High Prices

Don’t ignore the variables. Dig deep into implied volatility before you sell—the amount of time left on a contract can have a substantial impact on price.

Ask the Suit: Learning Center and Risk Management

Get to know the platform with thinkorswim® Learning Center and how to use order entry as a tool to manage risk in your account.