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Are You Trading Enough? Manage Your Trades Better

Overtrading can be a killer to your P/L. The trick is to trade consistently and always know what the markets—and your positions—are doing.

The Fad Is Not Your Friend—How Large Should You Go?

The size of your position can be a tough choice, and using formulas can help. Some traders are borrowing from the Kelly Criterion. Should you be using it, too?

Markets Aren’t Normal and Neither Are You

Need help choosing a strategy when markets are erratic? Forget the math and focus on how Kurtosis explains the price behavior of options.

Unbalanced Butterfly: Tilting the Odds

If you have a strong directional bias on a stock and you want to squeeze as much as you can out of your position, the unbalanced fly may be the way to go.

Vol Whisperer: VVIX and Skew—I’m Watching You

Can you calculate fear? Certain market measures help traders determine when the market seems “fearful.” Learn to do this for yourself to better evaluate risk.

Ask the Suit: Tools For Finding New Trades

A little Q&A with Nicole Sherrod about some cool tools to find new trades and setting up your alerts with our state of the art alert system.

Capiche? Portfolio Margin Part 2: Greeks, Unveiled

Next up in our series on portfolio margin, the greeks—theoretical metrics that describe how things like stock price, time, and volatility can impact option prices.

Coach's Corner: Enter and Exit… With Attitude

Random decisions lead to random results. Consider using these two indicators more consistently to get in and out of trades.