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What I Learned Not To Do: Direction, Time, and Volatility

What did 2016 teach me about direction, time, and vol, and how can I avoid making those same mistakes this year? Here’s a rundown.

It's Not You, It's Me: Recovering From Mistakes

If you make any one of four big mistakes, rest assured there’s a recovery process designed to get you out of your head fast and back on track.

Futures, Glorious Futures: The Basics

Don’t let high leverage or scary war stories frighten you away from trading futures. Think of them as just another asset class. As with any new asset, start with the basics.

Pairs Trading: Your Yummy New Snack

It takes two to make everything go right? That depends on the pair. There're so many combinations of bullish and bearish positions. Let’s narrow down your choices.

Vol Whisperer: Volatility Unleashed

Can you trade covered calls on vol? Sure, if you have a futures account and understand VIX you might be ready, but there are some kinks to iron out first.

Capiche: Leverage Into A Margin World

Want to upgrade your trader status? Portfolio margin is one way to go, but you’ve got to earn it by knowing synthetic equivalents.

Associate Spotlight: Research—All Buffed Up

Ever wonder who’s behind the reports that shape your trading decisions? We speak with research whiz Shawn Cruz—the guy who digs for market nuggets.

Ask the Suit: Analyzing Fundamental Data

Making better decisions with Economic Data from thinkorswim®, and taking your analysis from your desktop to your phone.