Three Things That Keep Traders Awake at Night

Don't lie awake at 3 a.m. worried about a trade... These tips could help you sleep more soundly—assuming you keep the partying under control.

Options Collars: Happy at the Bottom, Party at the Top

Options collars offer an affordable stock hedge with reasonable upside, which can help you build a larger stock position without breaking the bank.

Volatility Rules, Not Size: It’s Not Price, But Vol That Counts

Big, scary, expensive stocks may not be that scary after all. Cheap stocks can be just as scary. Compare stocks with different prices on an “apples to apples” basis

The Myth of Delta Neutral (and Other Greek Tales)

Perhaps the real “tragedy” is that the greeks option traders use are loved by many, but understood by few. Let’s demystify some greek options myths

Industry Spotlight: Wednesday Expirations Anyone?

What's small, nimble, and expires on Wednesdays? Weeklys on SPX. Now, options traders have even more toys to play with... and more to chew on

Futures 4 Fun: Uncover Hidden Price Levels with Volume Profile

Volume profile provides clues about price in different ways - check which way prices might be heading by looking at high and low volume nodes

Volatility Tips: When High Tide Is the New Low Tide

When trying to select the right option strategies, which do you choose? Looking to IV Percentile for clues to VIX levels may help

Ask the Suit: thinkorswim® Expands Data Set

Want more data points? You got it. thinkorswim® adds the Federal Reserve Economic Database and Social Sentiment to it's data set