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Confused by Mobile Apps? Find the Right One For You

August 22, 2017
Mobile App Choice
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What do you like to trade?

Answering that question can help you decide whether to choose TD Ameritrade Mobile or TD Ameritrade Mobile Trader.

You already know you can use your mobile application for trading and managing your finances anywhere you go, whether it’s on the way to work, sitting at a coffee shop, or even on vacation. And you’re probably aware that at TD Ameritrade, we’ve taken a number of steps to ensure security and privacy on our mobile platform apps.

But what might seem confusing at first, though, is making the choice of which app to use. The answer largely depends on the markets you trade, the complexity of the trades you make, and the type of information you’re seeking. Let’s quickly go over what each platform offers and the advantages of both apps.

TD Ameritrade Mobile

TD Ameritrade Mobile gives you the freedom you need to stay on top of your account wherever you find yourself. It’s focused on the essentials, and ideal for heavy users of Use it for on-the-go access to equity and options trading, quotes, real-time balances and positions, fund transfers, extensive news, research and more.

Advantages of TD Ameritrade Mobile

TD Ameritrade Mobile gives you a quick read on the market, as well as on your stock and options portfolio. If you’re someone who normally goes to our website for the information you need, it will look very familiar. It’s easy to use because the information is presented in an easy to understand format. The application gives you full access to all the research reports you see on the TD Ameritrade site. Plus, the app allows you to access account statements, tax documents and the Secure Message Center. For people who like to read research and monitor their accounts, TD Ameritrade Mobile is a great fit.

TD Ameritrade Mobile Trader

TD Ameritrade Mobile Trader, also known as “thinkorswim Mobile”, allows you to trade with the power of our desktop application in the palm of your hand. It is rated #1 by and Barrons, and has thousands of five-star ratings from users who have downloaded the app. TD Ameritrade Mobile Trader’s technology provides access to trade stocks, futures, and foreign currency, plus options on all three. Access interactive charts, event notifications, and a wide range of features with the app.

Advantages of TD Ameritrade Mobile Trader

If you’re trading futures, foreign currencies, or complex options, Mobile Trader is where it’s at. This application is optimized for the technical trader and for the derivative trader. Our goal with Mobile Trader is to allow users to get in and out of the application as quickly and securely as possible, allowing you to make changes to your portfolio and get back to your life. It’s fast, and has built-in use of your phone or tablet’s biometrics, which allows you to quickly get the trade entered that you intend to place.  

It’s built for active traders and portfolio managers, especially those who manage equity, options, futures, and currency positions. The app is customizable so you can select exactly what you want to see and we have over 400 different data points to select from within a simple user interface. 

TD Ameritrade Mobile Trader aims to be the best and fastest mobile charting and derivative trading application on the planet. Help is just a tap away. If you need assistance you can access the “Support/Chat” feature in the application and one of our acclaimed trade desk members will assist you, securely, in the application. Mobile Trader is linked to our thinkorswim desktop application so you can use it as a second screen while on the road or even set it up to remote control the desktop without touching your mouse.

Once you begin using TD Ameritrade Mobile or Mobile Trader, we’re sure you’ll find it so easy you won’t believe you ever had doubts about utilizing your mobile advice for trading and research. In fact, many find they like using both apps to complement one another. Get started today.

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