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3 Reasons to Visit Stocks Overview—Every Market Day

February 29, 2016
TD Ameritrade Stocks Overview page

We think you'll like the customization of TD Ameritrade’s Stocks Overview page so much that you'll want to visit it every single market day. Getting there is easier than pouring a cup of coffee. Nah, it’s easier than buying a cup of coffee.

The page is completely tailored to you. It knows if you're a newbie or active investor and will populate with others' actively traded or news-driven stocks, giving you a chance to click and see what all the fuss is about. Once you've placed a trade or created your watch lists, the page will become increasingly more relevant to the stocks you care about, and others that might be related.

Ready to see for yourself. Log in to your account, then go to Research & Ideas > Stocks > Overview

Easy, right? Here are three reasons we think you’ll be back again tomorrow. And the next day. And the next.

Reason #1: Markets at a glance

Dashboard. Hub. One-stop shop. Whatever you want to call it, Stocks Overview is the place to see important events, news, social signals and other information (figure 1). No more searching. We're bringing it all to you in one place.

TD Ameritrade Stocks Overview page


Here’s your convenient Stocks Overview page, revealing what’s changed with your favorite stocks. The page is also designed to help you to track tickers you’ve viewed in the past. You can set alerts from this page, too. For illustrative purposes only.

Reason #2: Only the stocks that matter most to you

One-stop shop, yes, but definitely not one-size-fits-all. Your Stocks Overview page is just that, your Stocks Overview page. You'll see only the latest stock events (like 52-week highs and lows or earnings announcements) related to your positions, companies you have recently viewed, and your own past research (figure 2).

Research stock events


Stock events helps you track information on earnings, dividends, splits, and more. For illustrative purposes only.

Reason #3: New trading opportunities

In addition to keeping up with the stocks that interest you already, the Stocks Overview page can make it easy to discover new potential trading ideas that might strike your fancy. Follow newsy stocks, sectors on the move, and the companies and brands lighting up Twitter (figure 3).

stock trading ideas


Maybe you’ve determined your investing criteria but don’t yet have a stock in mind. You can mine fresh ideas or visit old hunches. For illustrative purposes only.

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