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Gear Head: After Hours Trading with TDAmeritrade Mobile Suite

October 1, 2010
Gear Head After Hours Trading
Fredrik Broden

Traders are (ahem) an odd lot. Some people perceive us to be antisocial... introverted ... withdrawn ... socially awkward. And although we're almost never the center of attention at happy hour, we are great at exploiting an opportunistic bend to place ourselves in the spot most likely to see the highest pig-in-blanket traffic. The reality is, we'd rather be home, poring over charts, than risk social incontinence.

But that's about to change, grasshopper! Untether thyself with mobile trading, get to your local water hole, and show your buddies what “after-hours” is all about! TD Ameritrade Mobile and thinkorswim® Mobile, along with the release of futures and forex trading, will undoubtedly result in the new definition of the “Renaissance Man.” Picture yourself. You're the confident, dark, brooding type at the corner of the bar. With your iPhone, Android, or Web-enabled smartphone in hand, you have access to more technical studies and indicators than are offered by most other brokerage apps. But here's a short list of a few:

After-the-Close Earnings Updates

In the middle of earnings season, you can get real-time updates of after-the-close earnings releases. You can trade equities in the after-hours market in addition to futures and forex around the clock—all right from the palm of your hand. You'll also have access to after-hours news stories from a variety of sources.

Research Trading Opportunities

Undoubtedly, people will approach you. Remember, there is opportunity in conversation. My girlfriends all started obsessing about J.Crew in early 2009. While they started amassing “tissue tees” and “schoolboy blazers,” I amassed a bull call spread as the stock took flight from $12 to $45. Your friends are consumers and can provide a lot of insight as to concentrations of retail spending in core demographics. Exploit them! While they talk, you can research trading opportunities right from your phone.


Keep up with your portfolio in the after-hours by receiving earnings alerts for any of your holdings. In addition, you can receive an alert if there is a change in earnings targets for any of your holdings.

And while, sadly, options don't trade in the after-hours, you can certainly queue up some opportunities for the next trading day.

Now get out there and put the “happy” back in Happy Hour!

Ready to Go Mobile?

If you're not already on thinkorswim Mobile or TD Ameritrade Mobile, what are you waiting for? Stocks, options, futures, and forex trading, as well as an insane amount of chart features at your fingertips, await your exploration. 

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