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Can the Futures Markets Guide Your Trading Plan?

March 24, 2016
Can the Futures Markets Guide Your Trading Plan?

In today's intertwined global economy, intermarket relationships matter more than ever. Many stock investors are turning to the futures markets for insight on overnight moves in Asian and European markets, which can impact the U.S. stock market open.

Wondering what to monitor? The S&P 500 futures contract can be a worthwhile addition to any stock investor's quote screen as it can offer pre-open insights on the day's market activity. Gold futures have been a big mover in 2016, with nearby Comex gold up over 16% year-to-date. The 10-year note future also is a highly tracked futures contract, especially in today's Federal Reserve conscious environment. In this video, JJ Kinahan, Chief Strategist, TD Ameritrade highlights recent correlations between crude oil and the stock market.



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