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Like Lynch Says, Trade What You Like. Trade What You Know

October 13, 2013
Like Lynch Says, Trade What You Like. Trade What You Know

Investing in the familiar has never been easier. LikeFolio can help turn your social chatter into bright ideas.

Peter Lynch always said people should invest in what they know and in his book One Up on Wall Street, he talked about how so many of his best-performing investments came from researching the publicly traded companies that made the products his wife and daughter were interested in.

A great way to find out what our friends and family are interested in is to look at our social interactions on Facebook and Twitter. Each day, people in our networks talk about products, and now there’s a website that allows you to discover which publicly traded companies these products link to. The website is and it’s a powerful engine for discovering potential investment opportunities.

LikeFolio is the brainchild of Gen-Y entrepreneurs at SwanPowers and was created with             TD Ameritrade clients in mind. LikeFolio aggregates conversations within users’ social networks and tracks status updates, “likes,” and check-ins against a proprietary database filled with keywords and phrases linked to publicly traded companies.

Newbies will like this comfortable entry point to the investing world. Veterans will think it’s a slick way to track trends.

“People interact physically and socially with products every day, but may not consider the potential to invest in the company that produces the product,” says Nicole Sherrod, Managing Director, Trader Group at TD Ameritrade. “Simple design and easy-to-understand language make LikeFolio ideal for novice investors looking to become more aware and involved in the market through the lens of social media.”


  • Sign up at LikeFolio to connect the site to your social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.

  • LikeFolio searches all of your social activity, plus your networks’ social activity, for any mention of a public company’s brands and products.

  • LikeFolio generates a “Top 5 Most Mentioned Stocks” list and a hypothetical portfolio.

  • LikeFolio creates a report that shows how that portfolio would have performed over a 12-month period following an initial investment of $10,000.

  • You can share your LikeFolio Top 5 via social channels or, when you’re ready, open a brokerage account with TD Ameritrade and turn that play portfolio into a real one.

Social Signals

Now introducing another resource within TD Ameritrade's updated web platform. Social Signals can help keep you up to date on breaking news from a variety of brands about mergers, quarterly earnings, product launches, and more to help you make more confident investment decisions.

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