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Enhanced Mobile App Offers Better Trading Experience

June 16, 2017
Enhanced Mobile App Offers Better Trading Experience

The TD Ameritrade Mobile app has a little more pep in its step after launching brand new trade tickets and a much improved options trading experience. Whether you trade stocks or you trade options for income, protection, or speculation, our latest release has something for you.

Redesigned Trade Tickets

The following enhancements to improve your trading experience are now available:

  • Streamlined Look and Feel: Both the stock and options tickets now have a cleaner look and feel, and displays all your pertinent order details on the viewable screen with no scrolling required for multi-leg orders.
  • Steppers: We added “steppers” to both the stock and options tickets. The steppers allow you to increase or decrease the price field and the amount of shares or contracts.
  • Strategy Names and Risk Graphics: The options ticket now displays the strategy name and risk profile graphic. This is a helpful safeguard against you building and placing an unintended option order.
  • Buying Power Display: The Stock and Options Buying Power balances have been added to the respective tickets.
  • Improvements to Closing a Multi-Leg Position: From Account>Positions, you can now tap any option leg and you will be presented with the choice to close a second leg with that order (when applicable).
  • Position Quantities: The review order screen now displays the impact of your order on your account by displaying your current positions quantity versus your estimated positions quantity (post-trade execution).
Multi-Leg Trade Ticker and Stock Ticket


Previously our mobile app was rigid and not very customizable. But thanks to some much-needed spring cleaning, we now have an enhanced look and feel. Source: TD Ameritrade. For illustrative purposes only.

Introducing Option Strategies

Previously on the app it only supported single option leg chains (ex. calls and/or puts). The chain display was also a bit rigid with only a handful of non-customizable column data points available. All this has changed with our new release.

  • Options Strategies: TDA Mobile now has 10 of the most popular option strategy chains available in addition to the basic calls and puts option chains (see figure 1).
  • Streamlined Trade Flow: With the new strategy-based chains, you can now create your multi-leg trade with one simple tap. Gone are the days where you are forced to construct your multi-leg option strategy order one leg at a time (but you can still do it that way if you choose).
Select Strategy Page, New Calls & Puts, and New Strategy-Based Chains


Our app used to be a bit rigid and only supported single option leg chains. But now we have 10 of the most popular option strategy chains available and a streamlined trade flow. Source: TD Ameritrade. For illustrative purposes only.

Increased Option Chain Customization

  • Enhanced Market Data with 13 New and Customizable Columns: Additional market data is now at your fingertips to help you make more informed trading decisions. The chains now have 13 new column fields available (including the most popular option “Greeks”). With the new column editor capability, you get to control and select the columns you want to see and the order that you want to see them in.
Column Editor and Key New Chain Capabilities


With our new column editor capability, you get to control what columns you want to see and the order you see them in. We also made several helpful chain improvements. Source: TD Ameritrade. For illustrative purposes only.

Other Helpful Chain Improvements:

  • Customize your Strike QTY and Strike Intervals: You now have the capability to select the amount of strikes displayed on all chains and can set your desired strike price intervals for multi-leg trades. The app will also remember your last used strike quantity preference so you do not have to waste time with repetitive set up.
  • Direction/Outlook: The chains now display a helpful risk profile graphic along with the option strategy’s direction outlook under the Bid and Ask columns (ex. Bullish, Bearish, Neutral, etc.). This will help you identify strategies consistent with your expected price direction and outlook.

Check out the app and these new features; now available on both iOS (iPhone+iPad) and Android Phone.

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