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Tax Season (and More) Made Simpler With the TD Ameritrade Mobile App

March 3, 2017
Tax Season (and More) Made Simpler With the TD Ameritrade Mobile App

With April 18 right around the corner, it seems like the perfect time to share the latest enhancements to the TD Ameritrade Mobile app to help you through tax season. Plus, there are a few improvements that make for a better TD Ameritrade Mobile experience.

Tax Documents and Statements

Are you scheduled to meet with your accountant but can’t find your TD Ameritrade 1099? Or need a few monthly statements for that mortgage application? Not to worry: the TD Ameritrade Mobile app has you covered.

The TD Ameritrade Mobile app now has up to 7 years of tax documents and 10 years of statements available from your iOS or Android device. Retrieve your tax documents or statements by navigating to Accounts, selecting the account, and navigating over to the "Docs" tab. Then select the document type you need, the date range, tap to launch the document, and you are all set. The documents are available for viewing in PDF format but you can also e-mail or print.


You can now view up to 7 years of tax documents and 10 years of statements right on your smartphone. Source: TD Ameritrade.

Forgot Password?


Recovering a forgotten password is just one click away. Source: TD Ameritrade.

Remembering all your passwords in this digital world is a challenge. To help you out when you draw a blank, we now have password reset functionality available in both the TD Ameritrade Mobile iOS and Android app. Simply click the “Forgot Password?” link on the login screen and follow the instructions to reset your password. It takes three simple steps to get your new password set up and then you will be on your way.

Today Widget Extension

The TD Ameritrade Mobile iOS app now has a widget extension available from your device “Today” notification center.

With the TD Ameritrade widget (iOS only), you can now take a quick glance at major market indices levels and get insight on local watch list advance/declines without even being logged in to the app. Once you set up your widget, you can get useful information on the market while on the go. All it takes is a simple swipe down from the top of your compatible Apple device screen to view the widget extension.

Want to place a trade or get more detail on a specific stock? Tap the Trade button or tap on a symbol and we will prompt you to login and dive you right into the full app.


The TD Ameritrade widget allows you to view major market indices, get insight on local watch list advance/declines, and make trades. The best news? Setting up the widget on your smartphone is easy! Source: TD Ameritrade.

Widget set up is simple. First, tap the edit button way at the bottom of your Today widget screen, add TD Ameritrade from the “More Widgets” section by tapping the plus icon, position the TD Ameritrade widget where you want it to display, then tap Done.

Keep an eye out here for more exciting news on TD Ameritrade Mobile. New features and capabilities like price alerts, options strategy chains, 3D touch, and streamlined trade entry tickets are coming soon.

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