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Enter the Wading Pool and Dive into Swim Lessons

December 28, 2015
Enter the Wading Pool and Dive into Swim Lessons

Chart reading, options trading, futures contracts, and more. Paddle along with our team every market day for free trading education offerings in the Swim Lessons chat room of your thinkorswim® trading platform. 

Access is Easy

Go to and download the thinkorswim trading platform. Use the login box to sign into Live Trading (figure 1). Then use the Home Screen (figure 2) to view the weekly Swim Lessons schedule and upcoming topics (simply close the home screen when finished to access the platform and chat rooms).

Then, click Support/Chat at the top-right of your screen (figure 3). If you’ve made your screen view extra-large (you make size changes at the gear icon in the login box), you’ll find a headset icon without text to access Support/Chat. Click here and you’ll enter the Swim Lessons chat room—no bathing suit required.


Here’s your starting point. Plus, you can switch between Live Trading and Paper Trading at any time, which allows you to practice new trading tools when following simulated Swim Lesson trades.

Floaties? If You Insist

All levels of experience can participate. Seriously, this is a pool full of learners. Follow along with daily Swim Lessons at 10:30 a.m. Central (11:30 a.m. Eastern). Sessions feature market commentary followed by lessons on option strategies, trade execution, and position management. There’s also technical analysis on stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs)*, and futures—all designed to help you become a more informed trader and investor.

We’ll walk through strategy selection and trade execution. During Swim Lesson events, consider opening both your thinkorswim Live Trading access and a Paper Money practice account. This will allow you to join the lesson and also practice new trading tools by following along with simulated Swim Lesson trades.

thinkorswim home screen


The thinkorswim® Home Screen is an easy-to-use dashboard that includes Trader TV and the events calendar, featuring Swim Lessons. For illustrative purposes only. Content will change daily.

Want to replay a lesson? Use the Support/Chat button to access the Seminars tab; it’s full of archived videos. You can select specific archived content by keyword search, for instance: pairs trading, calendar spreads, covered calls, and more.

What are we trying to say? Grab your towel and jump in, the water is fine!

thinkorswim support and chat


Here’s your access point to the Swim Lessons chat room. Plus the Home Screen is one click away if you want to see more events. For illustrative purposes only. 

Have a question or a topic request for the Swim Lessons team? Send it to

*The Tuesday Plunge is not archived.

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