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Hot Date: Customizable Calendar Tracks Movers, Watch Lists

April 30, 2015

There’s one thing that technical and fundamental investors can agree on: corporate and economic events can have a huge impact on the broader market and on individual trading portfolios. That makes the calendar tool, accessed right from your account home page, a one-stop shop for a wide-lens overview of financial markets and a close-up of your own accounts.

The deceptively simple yet powerful calendar lists corporate earnings, dividends, splits, ratings changes, and more. It also logs upcoming economic events and back-fills the actual results, which means that it can be a great tool with your morning coffee.

Dynamic Updates

The calendar displays estimates, say for actively traded earnings or the monthly payrolls report, and updates with reported figures once they become available. You’ll find calendar-listed companies arranged by market cap, positioning those bigger companies that are likely to have broader-market influence right at the top of the list (figure 1). 

FIGURE 1: UNFILTERED. Calendar view with no filter applied. After you click on a date, a pull-up detail features that day’s earnings, IPOs, dividends, etc., by market cap. For illustrative purposes only. Not a recommendation of a specific security.

To Your Taste

Now, we know that a bulky list of events can quickly become white noise that risks knocking you off your game so you might instead filter your calendar to only display events related to your holdings or the securities in your watch list.

This is where the real power of the calendar comes into play. You might:

1.       Filter the earnings, dividends, and conference calls calendar by your holdings to see which events you may need to monitor or adjust for in the coming weeks (figure 2).

2.       Set up watch lists that help you organize your ideas. Then on your calendar, keep track of the securities that you’re researching, and potentially time your trades (figure 3). For instance, filter the earnings calendar by your watch list to efficiently track upcoming earnings announcements.

FIGURE 2: SORT IT ALL OUT. Calendar view shows a drop-down menu with filter choices, including a particular watch list (based on commissions, for instance) or by individual holdings (IRA positions). For illustrative purposes only.

FIGURE 3: MOVERS AND SHAKERS. Calendar view shows user filtered results to show most-active stock Movers for this particular day, captured during the heart of quarterly earnings reporting season. For illustrative purposes only.

The information presented is for informational and educational purposes only. Content presented is not an investment recommendation or advice and should not be relied upon in making the decision to buy or sell a security or pursue a particular investment strategy.

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