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Calling all Chatter Boxes: Stock Trading and Social Media

July 12, 2013
Calling all Chatter Boxes: Stock Trading and Social Media

From my perspective we all have the same objective: to outperform the market. Why not collaborate?

“Social” is a buzzword taking over our everyday lives, including our investing lives. But there’s no one size fits all. Some of us can’t take two steps without Tweeting, while some dust off their Facebook log-in every few months at most. Some have a regular seat in a trading chat room like myTrade®. Others wonder if they need a secret knock to get in (guess what? they don’t). No matter the approach, we’re all increasingly “social” today when it comes to how we invest and trade. To me, it’s simply about talking to someone we may never shake hands with, but whose ideas spark a real connection.

Here are a few ways that TD Ameritrade is engaging with you, and helping you engage with each other.

Trade Architect® Remodel

If it’s been awhile since you’ve kicked the tires on Trade Architect, take our redesigned and streamlined site for another spin.

For instance, myTrade is a go-to virtual community for sharing trading ideas with other independent traders. Now, it’s integrated directly into the Trade Architect platform’s newsfeed. That means the news delivery you rely on can screen for ticker-specific headlines, plus feed you trading insights and ideas from other traders—and only on the stocks you care about.

IMX®  Numbers Story

Early in 2013, we launched a proprietary, behavior-based economic indicator called the Investor Movement Index®. IMX tracks data from TD Ameritrade’s funded client accounts to reveal how those accounts were positioned. Taking on more risk? Bullish? Shifting more bearish? Ultimately the index points to something we’ve always known—that we have a very smart client base. Index readings so far this year have demonstrated that TD Ameritrade clients have been largely participating in the bullish rally even in the face of confusing economic headwinds. So what does this have to do with “social”? We think there’s a lot of empowerment when you know what fellow trader clients have done. We’ll crunch the figures for you. You can take it from there.

Mobile Trader

You can now share Mobile Trader charts with popular social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. Think of it this way: Twitter limits your dispatches to 140 characters but a picture is worth 1,000 words. Sharing charts customized with one or more of TD Ameritrade’s several hundred technical indicators is a great way to start a conversation.

Facebook And Twitter: Join Us

Every day, TD Ameritrade participates in ”market buzz” on Facebook and Twitter. These outlets are an important way for us to reach you with product updates, new research, and alerts on index milestones. We encourage you to “like” TD Ameritrade on Facebook. You can also follow JJ Kinahan and yours truly on Twitter for trading updates and insights. We look forward to getting social with you!

Strength in Numbers

TD Ameritrade's updated platform features Social Signals,* a resource that compiles tweets related to particular stocks.

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