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Ask the Suit: thinkorswim® Expands Data Set

July 5, 2016
ask suit data sets

Recently you launched new international indexes. Any plans to expand the thinkorswim® data set even more?

How about if we expand our offering by an additional 385,000 data points? Would that make you guys happy? Well, we already did. We’ve integrated the entire Federal Reserve Economic Database into thinkorswim. This database allows you to access historical economic data from more than 80 different domestic and international sources. If there is an economic data point that you are curious about, the odds are that you can now access it in thinkorswim. Production and business activity? Got it. Money, banking, and finance data? It’s in there. Employment and labor market info? It’s all yours! And the best part is that you can analyze all the historical trends in the thinkorswim charts that you already know and love. So where can you find it? Look for the red icon on the Analyze tab that resembles the U.S. Capitol building. This is going to add a more academic layer to your thinkorswim experience.

You guys recently added social data to the TD Ameritrade website. Any plans to also bring that capability to thinkorswim?

Actually, we just did! And I could not be more excited about this new offering. To me, Twitter is perhaps the largest database in the universe of consumers who are ex- pressing their opinion of the products that roll up to publicly traded companies. How amazing would it be for you to add a powerful new layer to your pre-trade analytical process where you could look not only at the fundamentals and technicals of a company, but also at the volume and sentiment of consumers talking about their products. Think of it this way. You’ve analyzed a stock fully. You think that the fundamentals look great and the valuation looks like it’s trading at a discount. You also feel really good about the technicals, which suggest that the time is right for entry. Then you look at the Social Sentiment and you see that over the past two months there was a 700% increase in the volume of people tweeting about the products that the company makes. The data also shows a major increase in the sentiment of those tweets in the same time frame. More people are talking about their products and more favorably than ever before. This is another powerful data point to help solidify if you want to move forward with a trade. You can access Social Sentiment by applying it as a lower indicator on thinkorswim charts. This is sure to be your new favorite thinkorswim feature.

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