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Ask The Suit: Learning to Trade in College with TD Ameritrade U

July 1, 2015
learn to trade college with td ameritrade u
Fredrik Broden

Q: You’ve been tweeting about TD Ameritrade U a lot lately. What the hell is it?

A: Back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, and I was in college, I learned about the stock market via a textbook. My professor was a genius who turned the markets into poetry for me. But even he could only carry it so far. The markets are living. Breathing. You can’t immerse yourself in them just by reading a book. TD Ameritrade U is a suite of tools for professors that allow them to breathe life into the markets. To inspire young people and, with all hope, cultivate the next generation of investors who are even better than my generation. It’s all built on the backbone of the thinkorswim® platform's paperMoney® application. So young people can learn how to trade on the best simulated trading technology in the category. And I get to visit college campuses.

Q: How can my kids get involved?

A: The best way to get started is by participating in our thinkorswim Challenge, which kicks off this fall. Last year, over 900 students competed in 36 states. Team Go Mean Green from the University of North Texas brought home $30k to their school and each team member was awarded $3,500 in a funded TD Ameritrade account and an iPad Air®.

Q: Is it true Helicopter Moms were tweeting at you when their kids missed registration?

A: Yes. It turns out college students are procrastinators. Who knew? Registration will kick off early fall. Keep an eye on and my Twitter feed (@tdansherrod) to remain in the know. I will be posting well in advance this year to make sure parents can let their kids know, and the helicopter moms will not be left disappointed.

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