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Ask the Suit: Blending Watch and a Hot Mobile Trading Platform

January 1, 2015

Q: Apple says the Watch will be launching in early 2015. Will I be able to access my accounts on the watch?

A: We’ve tested our notifications on the Watch simulator and it’s seamless—meaning if you have your iPhone or iPad app configured to “Allow Notifications” in Settings, you’ll get them on your Watch, too. At first launch of the Watch, you won’t be able to access your portfolio or balances, and you’ll still have to trade through your phone. As soon as the new device launches, we need to spend time with it before we can develop a plan for client adoption. We need to wear it to the gym. To the office. To bed. Will you be able to roll your condors on it? We shall see…

Q: What are some good ways to stay tuned to the markets when I’m away from my desk?

A: Trust me, I’ve done a lot of “informal research” into this as I’m often in meetings and traveling for business. First and foremost, TD Ameritrade has the #1 mobile trading app in the App Store. Second, alerts. Configure them in thinkorswim® or Mobile Trader. I set up alerts that route to my iPhone to notify me when certain conditions I’m waiting for are met. When I get them, I log into mobile to place my trade. Oh, and you can use complex order types, like OCO (one cancels other) to help manage your risk or take profits depending on whether the markets move with you or against you.

Q: My corporate overlords won’t let me install thinkorswim at work. How can I trade?

A: Duh, get a new job. Kidding. Although, denying the proletariat access to the thinkorswim platform is the very definition of economic oppression!

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