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Fruit-of-the-Month? Check Out These Luxury Subscription Boxes

August 21, 2015
Luxury subscription boxes

Demand for subscription boxes—monthly, crated surprises that harken back to their ancestral fruit-of-the-month clubs—has exploded. Great for gift-giving, sampling before a bigger purchase, or simply treating yourself, subscription boxes offer everything from bacon to beauty products. There’s even one for Fido.

Not to be outdone, purveyors of luxury goods are offering customers a chance to have products mailed to their homes, too. Subscriptions are usually a minimum of three months, with many offering six-month and year-long options; longer-term subscriptions are sometimes sold at a slightly reduced price. Select high-end subscription boxes buck the monthly trend by offering a quarterly option, and some allow the recipient—not the sender—to choose what ultimately shows up on the doorstep.

Here are a few luxury subscription boxes worth checking out.

Send Cognac

This firm offers a “drink-of-the-month club,” including beer, champagne, rum, bourbon, and other elixirs. Sample offerings include the Scotch of the Month Club. For $260 a month plus shipping, choose one single-malt, 18- to 21-year-old Scotch from selections including Balvenie "Port Wood" 21-year-old, Glenlivet "Archive" 21-year-old, and Glenmorangie 18-year-old. 


Like artisan food? Mantry offers six full-sized craft and artisan food products packaged in a wooden crate and shipped to your desired destination. Themes are common, such as “Gift from Tennessee,” and include recipes and stories. Of course, food is unisex, but this packaging is marketed toward men. Three-month subscriptions are $225.

Trunk Club

Members of this clothing subscription service owned by Nordstrom (JWN) complete a style survey. A virtual stylist will find the best clothes for your size, shape, and preferences. Members are sent an online preview of a selection of clothing and after reviewing the items, the trunk is shipped. You have 10 days to try on everything, and you pay only for what you keep. Membership itself is free, as is shipping both ways, and members can request a new trunk anytime they like. According to the website, the average item is $160. Right now, Trunk Club is mostly for men, but a version for women may launch soon.

Monthly Express

Geared toward women, Monthly Express offers a 12-month subscription for “boutique bath, body, and lifestyle products.” For $1,548, subscribers receive boxes as well as other offers, such as sending a one-time gift collection to a friend, a bottle of wine for your birthday, discounts in the online shop, and more. Products include the Italian premium skincare line Erbe Dermocosmetica.

iVIP Blackbox

A British company, iVIP Blackbox says their subscription boxes contain handpicked luxury items ranging from electronic goods, clothing, trinkets, decorations, and even a car (say what?). There are three tiers of subscriptions. Two are quarterly: the Deluxe, at 600 pounds ($930 as of late July), and Premium, at 1,200 pounds ($1,861), which the company says is their most popular option. Infinity is 100,000 pounds ($155,000) and has a minimum subscription of one year.

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