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Mom's Day: Flower Giving Evolves Online and from Organic Growers

May 8, 2015
Luxury flowers for Mother's Day could be ordered online and delivered from your local florist

Clearly, she’s worth it. In 2014, Americans spent an average of $162.94 on mom for Mother’s Day, which is actually down $6 from last year, according to the National Retail Federation. Greeting cards topped the list, but flowers came in second. About 66% of people who celebrate Mother’s Day buy flowers, spending a total of $2.3 billion.

Blooming Business

The Society of American Florists said Mother's Day accounts for one-fourth of the floral purchases made for holidays, with roughly one-third of adults buying flowers or plants as gifts for Mother's Day in 2014.

Mary Dimacali, vice president of product and marketing for Avas Flowers, a New Jersey–based floral firm that works with a network of florists across the U.S., said the most popular color schemes for moms are pastels, in particular lavender and pinks. When it comes to high-end bouquets, highly stylized designs with exotic flowers are popular, such as calla lilies or tropical flowers like birds-of-paradise. Among plants, orchids are also top luxury gifts.

“We see a lot of multi-day gifts, where mom gets a gift Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, such as a bouquet one day, then an orchid, then a gourmet gift basket. Flower-of-the-month plans, where a different flower [is given] each month, are also popular high-end gifts,” Dimacali said.

When mom or grandma live in another city or state, it can be tricky to buy sight unseen. Even with online buying already affirmed as the next phase in an evolution of “telefloral” delivery networks, many large floral companies still work with local florists to deliver the perfect blooms.

“We have a network of florists and keep track of whatever you call for. Blue orchids or calla lily, we know which designer and shops have them and best fit your needs,” she said.

Organic Popular but Complicated

Organically grown flowers are becoming more popular. Organic non-food sales including flowers, at $3.2 billion, jumped almost 14% in 2014 for the biggest annual increase in six years, according to the Organic Trade Association.

Online vendors are promoting relationships with organic growers as part and parcel with describing and showing their physical product. For instance, some team with eco-friendly South American farms that grow their organic blooms in volcanic soil.

“Organic flowers are catching a bit of a buzz, which is great, but with organic flowers, you’re limited with what’s grown that season,” Dimacali warns.

Profit From the Ground Up?

Gift and floral giving is big business, especially when it comes to M-O-M. You can research online merchants, publicly traded retailers, and organics companies with the Stock Screener feature from TD Ameritrade. 

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