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David Kier

What’s your role in keeping things running smoothly at TD Ameritrade?
I provide a subject matter expert voice for a very complex system, the thinkorswim® platform (it often seems like colleagues across the firm think I can help with anything). I love helping people and getting the right answer. I also am in charge of development for thinkorswim charts, scanning, and thinkScript.

Recently, I took on the challenge of expanding TD Ameritrade's audience in the vast Twitter community. I try to make the charts run day-to-day, as well as make sure we are getting the best new features to help analyze potential trades.

What’s your greatest challenge in fulfilling that role?

Often it is time. We have so many day to day users that any new feature requires a lot of research to make sure that feature is delivered correctly.

What have you done in the field?

That one is tricky. If I answer nothing, I am belittling my work. If I answer with specifics, I feel like I am taking credit for what others have done or what others have given me the opportunity to do. In general, I believe I help keep the ideals that made thinkorswim what it was when TD Ameritrade purchased it. I try to remain transparent and keep the time gap between client suggestion and software feature as minimal as possible.

What’s a “Golden Rule” you live by? (Could be market-related, or anything else)

It takes all kinds of people.

Who’s your Investing or Trading idol?

JJ Kinahan

When not working you can find me …

At home with my baby daughter (actually, she’s over 18 months old, so she’s not really a baby anymore).

Tell us something the world doesn’t know about you.

I’ve kept the same wallet since junior high school. I got it as a present and never used it, but somehow have always kept it.

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I love helping people and getting the right answer. I also am in charge of development for thinkorswim charts, scanning, and thinkScript.
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